Designing web sites is what I do. I love doing what I do and you will be delighted with your own site.


From a small one page site to a full E-Commerce site. I design them all.


 Vibrant sites that draws attention to your services and products.


Strangers become clients and then become friends. That is what I strive for.


Having your site online enables clients to view your services and products from the comfort of their own home.


I am a Christian freelance Web Designer.

I started doing web design a few years back because of my passion for computers. I saw a need for assisting folks and small businesses getting their ideas and products online. With the rapid escalation of technology, not having a presence on the web (internet) will hurt your company, no matter how big it is. My office is situated in any good coffee shop. Currently I reside in Wellington and I make use of an amazing place called “the daily coffee shop”. I also assist with other aspects that folks need such as getting data and information from websites and converting this data into PDF files for publication.

I also assist with designing spreadsheets to accept various data input which makes your life much easier. If you are in the vicinity, why not pop in and we can chat and have some coffee. I hope to see you soon. Have a fantastic day.