Welcome to my small place on the huge web. I am what is called a Virtual Assistant. What exactly do we do? Well, we assist businesses with administration and other projects. My main role is to assist with spreadsheets; either doing them myself or assisting secretaries in various ways. My other role, which is where I get most of my work from, is doing web sites. I use WordPress which is easy to use from the clients’ view in that they can upload and modify content without having to keep calling in developers to do it. This saves time and money.

Using spreadsheets is part and parcel of every day life. From rosters to budgets to calculations, fuel management, etc. If there is something that I may be able to assist you with, let me know. It may be something as just adding a function to calculate totals to getting information from a database and exporting as a CSV file.

Another popular service that I render is creating documents with content taken from the company web site and converting the content into a PDF form for brochures and advertising pamphlets.

Why not send me a message via the contact page with your requirements so that we can have coffee and discuss how I may be able to assist you.